I tried a free game called Triggore. It is an appropriate game for October because it is a horror survival type of game. You start off the game in a dark house and your goal is to survive a night filled with horrifying creatures breaking in and attacking. It feels very much like a Halloween game.

Unfortunately, the game was too hard for me and I wasn’t able to survive for more than a few minutes. Maybe I’ll try it again some other time.

ECG Viewer Manager on Linux

I recently bought a Heal Force PC-80B ECG monitor which comes with software for Windows. However, rather than having to reboot into Windows I wanted to see if I could use it in Linux. It turns out it actually works fairly well in Ubuntu 18.04. It installs using wine without any problems. The specific version of the ECG Viewer Manager I’m using is V5.2.0.2. The only thing that hasn’t worked for me so far is the “Import Device Data” tool. There maybe other things that don’t work, but I haven’t tried everything. However, you can still access your ECGs on your computer using the instructions below:

  • Connect the device to your computer via USB cable
  • Click on the “Import Disk Data” button
  • Unfold “My Computer”
  • Then click on the drive letter of your device
    • Mine (not shown here) was (D:)
  • Click on “Ok”
  • The software should now import the ECG data. It’s a fairly easy process.

paste image directly from the clipboard into a directory on linux

download this file and put it somewhere convenient

rename the file to “”

make sure you have the nautilus FileManager Actions software installed as well as xclip

In FileManager Actions create an entry that looks like this:

In “Parameters” put “location/to/” %f

To use the script, right click on a directory in nautilus and then select your FileManager action