Watch out for knock off graphics cards on eBay

I bought NVIDIA GTX 960 a year or so ago eBay. Unfortunately it has given me nothing but problems. The graphics driver doesn’t work and the performance is pretty poor. You can see from the photos below that the logo does not look like a legitimate Nvidia logo. The color should be green but instead it is yellow. Most likely it is a knock off graphics card made to look like a GTX 960.

The future of portable computers?

The UI of course could use some improvement (perhaps split windows based on where the crease is). Typing on this thing probably isn’t fun right now. The keyboard could use some feedback for the user. Perhaps a subtle electrical field so that the user has an idea of where the keys are. The field doesn’t have to be involved for every key. Think about how static electricity feels. You can feel the charge in your fingers. That technology could be developed to work with these touch screen devices.